A starters guide to Git for TFS GitWits…

My Delta-N collegue René van Osnabrugge created a nice blog about the Git integration in Team Foundation Server. It’s a good starting point for TFS users who want to adopt as Version Control System

The Road to ALM

When I started my development career way back in 1999, the first Source Control System I ever used was Visual SourceSafe. After a few years I switched to SVN for a while and I liked that. The, in 2005 came Team Foundation Server and I embraced it, including the Source Control of course. And since then I must say, I really like TFS Source Control. You need to remember that the server must always know what you are doing, but once you know that and practice that it is simply a great and easy to use Version Control System.

When TFS 2012 introduced Local Workspaces, it became even better, because now all the advantages of TFS and all the advantages of a system like for example SVN were combined. The perfect world !

But then came Git. And I must say that is something different. When I first heard…

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TFS as perfect tool for Scrum

Jasper Gilhuis

My Delta-N collegue René van Osnabrugge has created a must read series on using Team Foundation Server as a tool for running Scrum projects. He recently added the fifth and last post to a great series.

1. Introduction in Scrum and TFS
2. Using TFS for refining your Product Backlog
3. Using TFS in Sprint Planning
4. Using TFS in your Sprint
5. Using TFS in your Sprint Review and Retrospective

Enjoy the read on his blog!

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